Raptors, Wrestling and Roses

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Episode 1 In Which Ethan Talks To Himself

January 5, 2017

Hello and welcome to the first ever Raptors, Wrestling and Roses; the podcast that hits all the hard hitting topics nobody has the nerve to take on, the Toronto Raptors, WWE Wrestling and The Bachelor! Join comedian, philanthropist and liar, Ethan Sir, as he delves into said subjects and transcends creativity, does the unthinkable and gives his opinions.

00:00 - 00:33   Ethan plays the banjo because he doesn't know how to add intro music. 

00:33 - 16:00   Ethan tries to figure out why he likes the Bachelor. Which he does. A lot.

16:00 - 31:00   Ethan realizes how strange it was to have WWE be a part of our childhood.

31:00 - 40:00   Ethan does what he does every day, takes the Raptors very seriously.

40:00 - 41:00   Ethan still doesn't understand technology and plays the banjo.