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Episode 4 In Which Ethan Converses With Himself Yet Again

After some time away, Raptors, Wrestling and Roses is back and host Ethan Sir talks all things The Bachelor, WWE, and Toronto Raptors. Enjoy.

00:00 - 00:18   Ethan shreds/struggles on the harmonica.

00:18 - 9:21   Ethan makes the mold statement that Nick is the LeBron James of the Bachelor and for the first time doesn't spend the most time on The Bachelor

9:21 - 24:33   Ethan shares one of the all time great Randy Orton segments and his pitch for his own WWE character.

24:33 - 42:25   Ethan finally spends the most time talking about basketball, March Madness and the Raptors!

42:25 - 42:44   Ethan again makes love to the harmonica.

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Episode 3 In Which Ethan Gives Himself Unwarranted Credit

Welcome back to Raptors, Wrestling and Roses. In this weeks episode Ethan covers the same topics as every other week but sets a goal to not talk about The Bachelor the most. He fails miserably in doing so but this doesn't stop him from showering himself with undue praise for his discipline and restraint.

Here is the episode timeline.

00:00 - 00:25   Ethan plays an unplugged electric guitar for intro music.

00:25 - 16:00   Ethan comes nowhere even close to his goal of not primarily focussing on the Bachelor. He also debates whether you should feel bad for the women on the show as a viewer.

16:00 - 24:38   Ethan vents about the Wyatt Family (and again praises himself without a valid reason).

24:38 - 34:15   Ethan tells it how it is; why the Knicks are the worst and the Raptors are the greatest.

34:15 - 34:45   Ethan keeps shredding some unplugged electric.

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Episode 2 In Which Ethan Again Speaks To Nobody

Ethan is back to talk about The Bachelor, WWE, and his beloved Raptors. Join him as he says the word "weird" as many times as contestants on The Bachelor say "journey" and "falling for". Here is the timeline.

00:00 - 00:23   Ethan plays the harmonica in place of well done intro music.

00:23 - 16:38   Ethan spends the most time on The Bachelor despite saying he wouldn't this week.

16:38 - 29:12   Ethan reflects on fond wrestling memories.

29:12 - 37:54   Ethan again neglects the Raptors.

37:54 - 38:15   Ethan plays the harmonica in place of well done closing music.

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Episode 1 In Which Ethan Talks To Himself

Hello and welcome to the first ever Raptors, Wrestling and Roses; the podcast that hits all the hard hitting topics nobody has the nerve to take on, the Toronto Raptors, WWE Wrestling and The Bachelor! Join comedian, philanthropist and liar, Ethan Sir, as he delves into said subjects and transcends creativity, does the unthinkable and gives his opinions.

00:00 - 00:33   Ethan plays the banjo because he doesn't know how to add intro music. 

00:33 - 16:00   Ethan tries to figure out why he likes the Bachelor. Which he does. A lot.

16:00 - 31:00   Ethan realizes how strange it was to have WWE be a part of our childhood.

31:00 - 40:00   Ethan does what he does every day, takes the Raptors very seriously.

40:00 - 41:00   Ethan still doesn't understand technology and plays the banjo.