Raptors, Wrestling and Roses

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Episode 4 In Which Ethan Converses With Himself Yet Again

March 20, 2017

After some time away, Raptors, Wrestling and Roses is back and host Ethan Sir talks all things The Bachelor, WWE, and Toronto Raptors. Enjoy.

00:00 - 00:18   Ethan shreds/struggles on the harmonica.

00:18 - 9:21   Ethan makes the mold statement that Nick is the LeBron James of the Bachelor and for the first time doesn't spend the most time on The Bachelor

9:21 - 24:33   Ethan shares one of the all time great Randy Orton segments and his pitch for his own WWE character.

24:33 - 42:25   Ethan finally spends the most time talking about basketball, March Madness and the Raptors!

42:25 - 42:44   Ethan again makes love to the harmonica.

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