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Episode 3 In Which Ethan Gives Himself Unwarranted Credit

January 18, 2017

Welcome back to Raptors, Wrestling and Roses. In this weeks episode Ethan covers the same topics as every other week but sets a goal to not talk about The Bachelor the most. He fails miserably in doing so but this doesn't stop him from showering himself with undue praise for his discipline and restraint.

Here is the episode timeline.

00:00 - 00:25   Ethan plays an unplugged electric guitar for intro music.

00:25 - 16:00   Ethan comes nowhere even close to his goal of not primarily focussing on the Bachelor. He also debates whether you should feel bad for the women on the show as a viewer.

16:00 - 24:38   Ethan vents about the Wyatt Family (and again praises himself without a valid reason).

24:38 - 34:15   Ethan tells it how it is; why the Knicks are the worst and the Raptors are the greatest.

34:15 - 34:45   Ethan keeps shredding some unplugged electric.

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